Frequently Asked Questions
What is the number 1 reason why I should offer eGift Cards?
Hospitality. You provide a great experience when a customer enters your restaurant or calls you over the phone. Extend that philosophy to your website and offer your customers and prospects a convenient way to gift electronic cards to friends and family.
What is the eGift card economics?
Savings: typically you will save 65% over plastic gift card fulfillment costs. Revenues: you can expect to make a 50% profit on breakage.
Why eGift Platform?
User experience offered by our platform is completely custom-tailored to your Brand. Funds remain with you, since only your merchant and gift card accounts are used. Worry free 30 day 'out' agreement Marketing Tools - we partner with you to execute pro-active marketing campaigns. Analytics - get free Google Analytics set-up to track behavioral analytics, and insightful transactional analytics.
How much does it cost to implement with eGift Platform?
You will save more and make more. You pay a set up fee and an annual maintenance fee, and a fixed fee for each purchased eGift Card.
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